We have been Proudly Serving Merrimac Ma, for 28 Years!!


2011 Volvo xc60

One Owner

6cyl , AWD, Turbo, Auto, Leather, Loaded
145,000 Miles

​Contact - 978-270-2812


​  2016 Volvo XC6 0 T6 -  POLSTAR
6cyl, Turbo, Leather, Fully Loaded

​159,500 Miles

​Contact - 978-270-2812


​  2010 9-5Saab Aero 
6cyl, Turbo, Leather, Fully Loaded

​129,800 Miles

​Contact - 978-270-2812


2011 Volvo S60 T6 

6cyl 3.0L, Auto, Leather, Loaded
129,300 Miles

​Contact - 978-270-2812


​2011 Volvo XC70 T6
6cyl Turbo Auto, AWD Leather, Loaded, NAV
193,200 Miles​​

​Contact - 978-270-2812

Tel: 978-346-7473

75 East Main Street, Merrimac, MA, United States

​Monday -Friday 8am-5pm EST


​  2013 Volvo XC90 3.2
6cyl, AWD, Leather, Fully Loaded

​Contact - 978-270-2812

Yankee Garage​​


To our Valued Customers: We want to let you know that we have implemented some new policies based on CDC guidelines to keep our customers and personnel safe during the COVID-19 outbreak.

-We will no longer be allowing waiters in the waiting area, please have an alternate plan when scheduling appointments.
-No walk-ins; appointments can be made via phone
978-346-7476) or email (YankeeGarage01860@gmail.com).
-Payments will be transacted at the counter, all equipment following payment transactions will be immediately disinfected.
-All part deliveries will be made to a bin outside the office.
-Keys and notes are to be dropped in the mail slot.
-All vehicles will be driven with gloves on, wiped down and windows open to allow for air exchange.

We thank you for your continued support in helping everyone stay healthy during this time and look forward to assisting you with your car needs.

Yankee Garage Staff

Celebrating 28 Years of Service 1996-2024